About Us

Hello, my name is Steven Sauer and I’ve spent more years in the liquor industry than I care to admit.  During this time I have worked with some of the legendary people in the industry and for the past 15 years developed my own business.  

Finest Drop Hampton is my business and the name tells you all about me and my love and fascination with good wine.  I have built a very successful business based on providing my customers with wines of ultimate quality and value.  I have been rewarded by a large loyal client following whose repeat business justifies the time and care of giving them what they want.  

To achieve this I have established 2 wine tasting groups which look at between 500 and 1,000 wines a year.  Wines are marked out of 20, and rated on a scale of 1 to 5 for value.    

The selected wines under the Steve’s choice banner are then sold in the shop, but discounted to the 1,000 strong club membership at a significant discount.  

Our wine club is the result of satisfied customers wishing to keep abreast of changes in the industry and take advantage of Steve’s choice wines which fulfil our quality and value standards. 

In addition to buying the very best wines at a reasonable price, members enjoy the social interaction of our wine education evenings, dinners offering the chance to meet winemakers all over Australia.  There are also wine expos featuring up to 60 wines on tasting which includes international wines where appropriate.  

You have the opportunity to join our club by either visiting the shop or joining through this website.  

As the liquor chains have become more impersonal, screwing suppliers to sell on the cheap with little regard for the quality and value of wine we have focused on providing our customers with wines which meet the needs and standards of our customers.  For example one not to be named chain rated a Barossa Shiraz 97 out of a hundred.  We tasted this wine and marked it 15 out of 20 which on their rating scale peaked out at 75.  Need I say more.  

I welcome you to join our wine club and enjoy the benefits of our unique boutique offerings and the chance to make new friends.  In extending this invitation I pledge the best efforts of me and my team to give you what I suspect you are not getting now.  

See you online or in the shop, Steve.